November 4, 2017
9 months and 10 days since
the event.
6th Annual Mezzapalooza

Saturday, November 4th 2017
6pm - St. Theresa's School

Music by:
Angry Neighbor
Blame the Dog
​Off the Record

2017 Mezzapalooza Beneficiary – The Tribble Family


Tim Tribble Sr. passed away unexpectedly on April 18, 2017.  Tim was devoted family man.  His favorite pastimes were family gatherings during the holidays, special occasions, birthdays, and just because.  He was described by one person as “one of the kindest and gentlest people” they had ever met.  He was also described by all that knew him intimately as the “gentle giant”.  Tim and Tiffney were married in June of 1999.  From that union came three beautiful children that he simply adored; Timothy Jr., Taijon, and Toriana.  Tim spent a great deal of time volunteering as a basketball coach, chaperoning on school trips, and dances, etc. He loved to give back to the community.  This year we honor his life and show our support to his three children.


Tim once shared a post on his facebook account with the following statement:  “We always say when someone dies R.I.P. (Rest in Peace)…..what we really need to learn is how to L.I.P (Live in Peace)”.    We the people of the Briarcliff and surrounding towns dedicate this year’s Mezzapalooza to Tim and say..... 



We ask that you join us on November 4th at Saint Theresa’s Gym-- 300 Dalmeny Rd in Briarcliff Manor.  There will be fantastic music, delicious food and it is great way to bring the Briarcliff community together for a wonderful cause.


Tickets are $100 


Price includes food catered by Mike’s Deli, a legendary and world famous Arthur Avenue Italian deli.


Hope to see you there! 


- Mezzapalooza Foundation   “...A helping hand thru music” 

Thank you so much!

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