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In July 2022, Scott began having shortness of breath and fatigue, which were assumed to be long Covid symptoms after recovering from a bout in June. He went to see his primary doctor, he had an abnormal EKG, and was subsequently sent to the hospital for a chest x-ray. Scott was told to schedule an echocardiogram and full workup as a follow-up.


Several days later, Scott continued to experience shortness of breath, so on the morning of July 27, 2022, his wife Michelle took him to the ER in Sleepy Hollow, NY. After much testing, it was determined he had several pulmonary embolisms, with one pressing on his right ventricle. He was immediately started on blood thinners but needed a thrombectomy to remove the larger blood clots from his lungs. While in surgery, Scott went into cardiac arrest three times and suffered an anoxic brain injury.


Since that terrible day in late July 2022, Scott has been in and out of the ER and ICU battling infections, pneumonia and other ailments. He continues to be in the care of the Briarcliff Manor Center for Rehabilitation & Nursing Center. Scott is fighting every day.

We are asking for your support as the Rowe family braves the unimaginable and the associated medical costs they are incurring with Scott's care, which includes 24-hour medical attention, 18 months of hospital stays, medical care and his time in the Briarcliff Rehab Center. You can make a donation below.



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